Ms. Dawn Rose, JD,PHR,CHHR

Northwestern Medicine

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Northwestern Medicine
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I'm not just an experienced and intuitive Human Resource pro & attorney...I'm inspired by the thought that one person can change the world. My team tells me that I am great at mediating conflict, analyzing situations and developing creative solutions, and delivering the worst news in a way that makes it palatable. My colleagues tell me that I'm an excellent communicator and effective collaborator with a high-level emotional intelligence. In my opinion, every employee - from the front line to the C-Suite - deserves an employment professional that advocates for the right balance and the right outcomes in the workplace everyday. As an employee of Northwestern Medicine, the opinions and views expressed here are solely my personal opinions and views.

Specialties: Strategy, employment & labor law, coaching & performance excellence, disability law/advocacy, mediation, physician & employee relations, diplomatic communications, emotional intelligence, intuitive management, diversity and inclusion, non-profit organizations, research and writing, editing