Webinar: Thriving in Ambiguity: Using Emotional Intelligence to Develop Agility

When:  Jul 30, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CT)

Credits Available: CHHR 1, SHRM 1, HRCI 1
Cost: $39 (ASHHRA members), $79 (Nonmembers)
Description: Emotional intelligence – or the awareness and control of one's emotions including the ability to handle interpersonal relationships thoughtfully – is a critical skill for health care HR leaders. This skill equips health care HR leaders to respond effectively to ambiguous situations that can emerge from mergers, acquisitions and the shifting financial landscapes facing many health care organizations. These situations can create uncertainty and anxiety for some as they wonder if their job will be gone in the future.

Presenters will describe some of the recent neuroscience around change and why it is hard for people to move away from the “how things have always been” mentality. HR leaders will be able to utilize emotional intelligence to facilitate effective change management.


  1. Discuss current climate of change within the health care field.
  2. Explore neuroscience behind change aversion.
  3. Define emotional intelligence and explore its real-world applications for health care HR leaders.


Andy Kindler Andy Kindler
Managing Director, Xcellero
Andy has worked successfully as a consultant in many health care related organizations and is particularly excited with coaching surgeons on their personal leadership development. Today's health care business environment is continuing to change and many clinicians and administrators alike are facing challenging times they have not seen in their careers.