Webinar: How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Prevent Burnout in Health Care Teams

When:  Nov 9, 2021 from 01:00:00 PM to 02:00:00 PM (ET)
Most healthcare systems provide little training in emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) and other soft skills needed to be effective health care providers. This not only contributes to a high rate of burnout among physicians but also affects the entire team, leading to quality issues, poor patient care outcomes, higher turnover, and low employee engagement, among other issues.

Building emotional intelligence as a leader is critical to managing a health care team effectively and bolstering long-term success. During this webinar, learn about emotional intelligence as a concept, theory, and important leadership competency. You'll also learn about the impact of emotional understanding on your leadership skills and team building as well as personal development. The presenter will cover two case studies on the topic - one from a large health care system where participants saw a statistically significant improvement in EQ scores after attending an emotional intelligence assessment and training. The second case study covers a similar emotional intelligence training with Southern Illinois Healthcare to support leadership coaching skills on physician and nursing teams.

  1. Gain tools to better develop their emotional intelligence to combat burnout for themselves and their teams.
  2. Be able to discuss the four domains of emotional intelligence and develop them to bolster success in the workplace and build resiliency ahead of difficult situations.
  3. Be able to transfer the tools for developing emotional intelligence discussed during this presentation to their workplace and personal development goals.