Webinar: The Most Effective, Overlooked Solution to Retention and Engagement

When:  Jun 28, 2022 from 01:00:00 PM to 02:00:00 PM (ET)
Companies of all sizes are struggling to keep great talent, employees are experiencing burnout at unprecedented levels and the recruiting team cannot keep up with the volume of hiring to fill all of the openings.

So what if companies hopped off the merry-go-round of talent and solved for the root cause?

While we would never suggest that a single solution will solve all of a company’s people's pain points, there is a solution that begins to address these pain points in an ongoing, sustainable manner. It is the most effective yet overlooked, under-resourced, least supported, and undertrained resource in most companies.

Interested in improving retention? Interested in cultivating high-performing teams that people want to be a part of? Interested in slowing down the revolving door of interviews and hiring? Interested in ensuring remote work doesn’t mean remote relationships amongst your team?

During this session, we will explore the many constraints and ways of operating within companies that inhibit attracting, keeping, and engaging great people. We will talk straight about what is rewarded and recognized. We will uncover how we get in the way of what we say we want. We will look at what we continue doing, even though we know it isn't working to address our challenges. Most importantly, we will look at tangible, actionable, and practical ways to cultivate high-performing teams and awesome people leaders for remote and hybrid work environments.

Participants will...

• Understand the critical role that people leadership plays in business outcomes.
• Learn the primary practices, hurdles, constraints, and roadblocks that are pervasive within companies, leading to retention and engagement gaps.
• Explore why traditional leadership models fail to deliver in our current work eco-system and why people-centric models are the access to high-performing teams.
• Discover 3 ways that great people leaders outperform their peers. Appreciate why the investment in